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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are increasing rumors that Alpha might be brought back to life. The Inq sets the big 'if' aside and explores the possiblities: "What if there really is a will to get Alpha back into the changed market? What sort of chip would it have to be to have that good chance of success, if any?"
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Bang for the buck
by geri on Fri 1st Jul 2005 12:03 UTC

What every report about new chips seems to fail on, is to address the cost/performance ratio.

I have a 2EM64T-processor machine here as my working desktop, which did cost 2500, and is 30% faster in calculating stresses of machine parts than 2 processors of our HPUX Superdome (which has 32 processors and did cost by an order of magnitude more per processor than my machine).

So I can conclude: The X86-64 design is faster AND cheaper at the same time than whatever processors the HP superdome has, and this at running code that was written for big-iron machines.

Of course it makes no sense comparing chip speeds by GHz or some other figure, but it also makes no sense to buy an Itanium or Alpha processor if it clearly is NOT superior, for a higher price.
Heck, all those so-called high-performance chips cost 5 times the money and delivering (at best, depending on application) 2 times the speed, most even less speed.