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SGI and IRIX In the '90s, before MacOSX was released, if people were to reffer to a user-friendly Unix that looked cool at the time, that would have been SGI's 64-bit operating system for the MIPS processors, the IRIX. IRIX was first released in 1987, and by 1995 was already a highly respected UNIX, the first with immense multimedia capabilities! Check out our introduction and some screenshots of IRIX.
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Irix is pretty sweet...
by Brad C. on Wed 2nd Oct 2002 18:32 UTC

>>'wow'. I have never seen an X server being so fast, on a 5-year old machine

like we have been saying all along...X is not the problem, it's lack of GOOD drivers (and XFree86 isn't the best X's just free!)

>>OS looks dated. It really looks unatractive when compared to brand new OS systems. Usabilty of the OS is an issue as well. That filemanager, whilst is fast and spiffy doing vector stuff, it is really limited.

because in the end it dosn't really matter because it WORKS, no need to look flashy when you are a professional or an engineer just trying to work...and besides you can change the looks.

I used Irix a little while at university, it is pretty cool but the default evnrironment there was CDE