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SGI and IRIX In the '90s, before MacOSX was released, if people were to reffer to a user-friendly Unix that looked cool at the time, that would have been SGI's 64-bit operating system for the MIPS processors, the IRIX. IRIX was first released in 1987, and by 1995 was already a highly respected UNIX, the first with immense multimedia capabilities! Check out our introduction and some screenshots of IRIX.
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by p13as3 on Thu 3rd Oct 2002 06:46 UTC


I own an old Indigo2 R10K SolidImpact with 380something RAM in it. It has 2 Seagate barracuda 4 gig (fullheight monsters) HD's in it. It currently runs IRIX 6.2, the install is totally fubarred. I want to get my hands on a complete IRIX 6.5 cd set, but its pretty hard to find it.

Anyway, my experiences vary. I really like irix, but indeed 4Dwm is butt-ugly. So i just use enlightenment or wmaker depending on my mood. The machine in general feels pretty snappy, knowing i run a SolidImpact board, which does not have a raster engine, so 2D is quite slow. It plays mp3s like no other machine (it just sounds pretty special).

The package manager for me is not all that interesting. It works, as others pointed out for THEIR dists on THEIR cd sets. It might have to do with the fact that the install on my machine is totally fubarred, it is from the previous owner who fucked it up pretty bad.

Real world performance is okay for today, and is flabbergasting for then.

It's a good geekstation(tm), but i wouldnt see just anyone use it. It still is UNIX you know. The desktop principle is not really more implemented then anything these days, in fact KDE and GNOME really work in a tighter combination then 4Dwm. And as i said 4Dwm is butt-ugly.

The overall stability is more then okay. I never had it crash on me (xcept for kde apps and netscape that is). A lot of things feel faster then on my pc, then other things, again, don't.

Hardware component quality is exceptional. If anyone here ever opened one up, they know what i'm talking about. The case also looks really sexy (i own a purple one with the tower stands intact).

Just the fact that this thing does 3D (untextured due to no Raster Engine and Texture engine on SolidImpact), and does digital media, mp3, mpg movies, etc. I even know of people that own MaxImpact, and HighImpact that can play full res divxes (PAL-S 25 fps).

Upgrades are a pain indeed, i've been trying to find a HighImpact or MaxImpact gfx board, but to no avail. Even finding a @#!@#! IRIX 6.5 cd set is IMPOSSIBLE. I can buy a cd set, but dear god, i'm not rockefeller.

As for the security hole, somebody told me once that IRIX is probably the most insecure UNIX ever built, and as far is i can tell, that somebody was absolutely right.

my 0.02

Take Care