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SGI and IRIX In the '90s, before MacOSX was released, if people were to reffer to a user-friendly Unix that looked cool at the time, that would have been SGI's 64-bit operating system for the MIPS processors, the IRIX. IRIX was first released in 1987, and by 1995 was already a highly respected UNIX, the first with immense multimedia capabilities! Check out our introduction and some screenshots of IRIX.
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Amiga/PC comparisons
by Former Amiga User on Thu 3rd Oct 2002 19:13 UTC

> (opens up his case) Hmmm, let's see I have a separate chip
> for my networking, I have a couple of separate chips on my
> SB Audigy for my sound, I have a separate GPU on my GeForce4
> Ti4600 for my graphics, I have northbridge and southbridge
> controllers for bus and memory access...

With the exception of the GPU, those are interface chips, not co-processors. If your OS crashes while an interrupt-driven modplayer is running, will your Audigy keep playing? I think not. On an Amiga, it would. It used to happen with annoying regularity on a particularly unstable A2000 I used to own. ;)