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SGI and IRIX In the '90s, before MacOSX was released, if people were to reffer to a user-friendly Unix that looked cool at the time, that would have been SGI's 64-bit operating system for the MIPS processors, the IRIX. IRIX was first released in 1987, and by 1995 was already a highly respected UNIX, the first with immense multimedia capabilities! Check out our introduction and some screenshots of IRIX.
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nvidia on linux
by IndieRockSteve on Fri 4th Oct 2002 01:16 UTC

I had tons of problems with nvidia's drivers on my old motherboard, I went through all the driver options one day to see which problems I could solve, and I ended up solving about 80% of them. Then I upgraded my motherboard and processor and the only problem I have is i have to force the driver to use the NVidia AGP stuff instead of the kernel AGP stuff(by stuff I mean i don't really know whats changing, drivers or something?).

moral of the story... play around with the options available for the nvidia drivers(a pdf can be downloaded from the same webpage the drivers can be downloaded from nvidia) you'd be surprised what types of problems you can solve by changing the defaults for the settings.