Linked by Jay Sabol on Fri 4th Oct 2002 00:49 UTC
Red Hat Well, here on OSNews, there has been plenty of discussion about Red Hat 8, what it is, what it isn't, the Bluecurve look and many other features and issues. I ordered Red Hat 8 Personal Edition and decided to see how close Red Hat 8 may be to a distribution that Joe and Jane User could install and use.
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by junkman on Fri 4th Oct 2002 12:10 UTC

As a watcher from the sidelines (I've been tackled by too many distros), I've scanned the articles and the attendant replies and noticed something interesting.

It seems that as the "premier" OS for Joe and Jane User gets closer to the mark, it also is becoming more and more like its rival, Windows. Not in looks, mind you - that's been a trend in Linux desktops since I cracked open RH 4.2. But rather in the level of static about things that aren't working quite right. Reminds me of a Win/OS forum...