Linked by Jay Sabol on Fri 4th Oct 2002 00:49 UTC
Red Hat Well, here on OSNews, there has been plenty of discussion about Red Hat 8, what it is, what it isn't, the Bluecurve look and many other features and issues. I ordered Red Hat 8 Personal Edition and decided to see how close Red Hat 8 may be to a distribution that Joe and Jane User could install and use.
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Hardware Problems
by Z_God on Fri 4th Oct 2002 13:02 UTC

I tried Red Hat 8.0 yesterday and I was pretty disappointed ;)
First, I found that Red Hat still doesn't use the ALSA drivers, but instead the kernel drivers for soundcards. The sounds were bad quality and often played at the wrong speed, because of this, even the test sound had ticks at the end.
Then I found out I couldn't find anything to watch TV using my TV/Radio card. There was nothing in the menu. Executing xawtv using alt+f2, the sound didn't work.
Then when I wanted to try to play a game I found out there weren't any Nvidia drivers yet, while Nvidia has often got drivers for distributions that aren't even released yet.
Windows users won't mind such problems, because Windows has got them too (Windows doesn't include any app to watch tv for example and many hardware didn't have any drivers when XP was released). But having done several Linux installations, I didn't expect this.
Other than those problems, the distro was pretty fast and looked pretty good.

I think Windows users will like this distro, but that Linux users will be disappointed.