Linked by Jay Sabol on Fri 4th Oct 2002 00:49 UTC
Red Hat Well, here on OSNews, there has been plenty of discussion about Red Hat 8, what it is, what it isn't, the Bluecurve look and many other features and issues. I ordered Red Hat 8 Personal Edition and decided to see how close Red Hat 8 may be to a distribution that Joe and Jane User could install and use.
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by Anonymous on Fri 4th Oct 2002 19:54 UTC

Hi there,

i'm Joe and thanx to write from my point of view, but i think i better say something myself. I tried Mandrake 8.2 and Redhat 7.3 last week and this week Mandrake 9 and Redhat 8. I find the install of Redhat 8 the most difficult or confusing (remember i aim Joe). As mentioned in the article about the firewall and how i was thinking to allow http, fpt and other, cause i want .... That could be better! Also the partitioning was more confusing to me as in mandrake or redhat 7.3.
Joe also wants to open his pictures, movies, music and well some workdocuments that he's got on his windowspartitions (my d:data). I know it's possible without mountingcommands since mandrake show them. That would be nice next time. And off course i want to listen my music. Is that little stupid audioplayer really the same (xmms) as in mandrake??? Come on guys, xmms looks so cool (like winamp) in mandrake, millions Joe's are used to winamp and love it!
But guess what! Joe's greatfull to Linux. Tired off overpriced proprietary software, tired to get nailed by ..., and i really appreciate all efforts freedom (as in free speach) loving people do and off course the price (as in free beer) is nice too. I'll buy my next linuxbox, it's worth it, not perfect, but fair! Have to finish quick, visitors waiting! See ya guys and thanx!