Linked by Jay Sabol on Fri 4th Oct 2002 00:49 UTC
Red Hat Well, here on OSNews, there has been plenty of discussion about Red Hat 8, what it is, what it isn't, the Bluecurve look and many other features and issues. I ordered Red Hat 8 Personal Edition and decided to see how close Red Hat 8 may be to a distribution that Joe and Jane User could install and use.
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Computers are not made for Joe users !
by Marcelo on Sat 5th Oct 2002 21:56 UTC

Computer is like a car: you need to learn how to drive it before you can use it. Computers are not freezers or televisions. A typical Joe user even can operate a videocassete recorder.

A typical Joe user buy a preinstalled computer and can install a program if autorun works when he puts the cdrom on drive. If Windows is damaged by a virus and it need to be reinstalled he calls an "expert" friend or pay to another person to do it.

Any O.S. that Joe and clild users run with all rights is a joke. In 80's the computers for Joe users had O.S. in ROM with a basic interpreter. My old MSX can run a program by inserting a cartridge, like videogames (the computers made for childrens and Joe users) ...