Linked by Robert C. Dowdy on Tue 8th Oct 2002 02:36 UTC
Red Hat I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. This article isn't 'Yet Another Red Hat 8.0 Review'. This article is primarily about using Red Hat 8.0 if you happen to be a newbie, but it's also about using Red Hat 8.0 if you happen to be a KDE user. Why? I happen to be a KDE user, so it makes sense I'd focus more on what I know the most about. Plus, I still remember the frustration of staring with something akin to terror at a blank command line with lots of ideas about what I'd like to do and very little knowledge of how to do it.
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RE: ATI drivers
by Rob on Tue 8th Oct 2002 03:48 UTC

Thanks for the encouragement. This is actually the first article I've ever placed (on OSNews or elsewhere) so I was scared to even read the comments! Apparently, I helped you, so even if everyone else thinks it's awful at least it wasn't a total loss.

Anyway, I can't help with the ATI drivers, since I don't have an ATI card to test with. I'm still using my trusty GeForce 2 Ti (it's one of the last batch with the fast clockspeed). It's been a really solid card, even if it did give SuSE 8.0 a few nervous breakdowns. Honestly, I don't do much 3D gamin anymore, so I generally just use the stock XFree86 drivers anyway.