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Red Hat I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. This article isn't 'Yet Another Red Hat 8.0 Review'. This article is primarily about using Red Hat 8.0 if you happen to be a newbie, but it's also about using Red Hat 8.0 if you happen to be a KDE user. Why? I happen to be a KDE user, so it makes sense I'd focus more on what I know the most about. Plus, I still remember the frustration of staring with something akin to terror at a blank command line with lots of ideas about what I'd like to do and very little knowledge of how to do it.
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NTFS support in Redhat 8.0
by Gaurang on Tue 8th Oct 2002 12:38 UTC

There is a comment somewhere above asking how to install NTFS support in Linux. And there is another telling that NTFS support in Linux is DANGEROUS!!!????

NTFS READ SUPPORT in Linux is USABLE, only WRITE SUPPORT is dangerous. So you can without hesitation install NTFS Read Support in Red Hat 8.0.

But theres some problem. Red Hat's modifications to the kernel (adding stabilty, bug fixes, security fixes) have made the NTFS drivers not compilable with the default kernel you get with RedHat 8.0. (redhat does not support ntfs, so they dont mind if the ntfs drivers not compile with their kernel)

To get NTFS Support, there are two ways.
One is to do what is written here-

That was written for Redhat 7.3. There's a high chance that it will work for you fro 8.0, but it might not (I dont know).

If it doesnt work, then go for method 2, which I will outline here.

Download a vanilla kernel 2.4.19 (vanilla means "pure" with no modifications by any distro company - get a vanilla kernel from

Then download the RedHat Kernel Source package (or get it from your Redhat CDs using the provided GUI package manager - or maybe you already have it? check /usr/src/2.4.18-14), and you will find many config files in configs directory of the kernel source. Choose the one which is appropriate for your system (most probably kernel-2.4.18.i686.config) and copy to the vanilla kernel source directory as .config.
Run make xconfig and enable NTFS ReadOnly Support.

Compile and Install. (for kernel compiling, see the Kernel HOWTO on

You are there!