Linked by Robert C. Dowdy on Tue 8th Oct 2002 02:36 UTC
Red Hat I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. This article isn't 'Yet Another Red Hat 8.0 Review'. This article is primarily about using Red Hat 8.0 if you happen to be a newbie, but it's also about using Red Hat 8.0 if you happen to be a KDE user. Why? I happen to be a KDE user, so it makes sense I'd focus more on what I know the most about. Plus, I still remember the frustration of staring with something akin to terror at a blank command line with lots of ideas about what I'd like to do and very little knowledge of how to do it.
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This is great ...
by Rob on Tue 8th Oct 2002 17:33 UTC

I've been reading back through the comments, and they're great. This is what I was hoping for when I wrote the article, but didn't actually expect to see. I am just one person and while I know my way around a Linux box I'm certainly not a guru, so I knew the article would be less than perfect, that it would have some holes, errors, inconsistencies, and who knows what else.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who corrected me or added useful info to clarify things I didn't have quite right or didn't explain clearly enough. You could have just as easily flamed me for being an idiot. Instead, the comments end up being even more valuable than the article itself, which is the way I think the comments section should be used in the first place.