Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 27th Aug 2001 05:22 UTC
Syllable, AtheOS AtheOS is a modern, free (GPLed) Operating System written from scratch in C++. A big chunk of the OS is POSIX compliant, supports multiprocessing and it is GUI-oriented (fully OOP). Today we are hosting an interesting interview with the AtheOS creator, Kurt Skauen. Kurt is talking about his views on binary compatibility in future versions, multithreading and the future of his OS in general.
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Re: multithreading
by Donn Cave on Fri 31st Aug 2001 06:15 UTC

While I'm no fan of multithreading on UNIX, oddly I love the way BeOS and Atheos do it (know only what I read about Atheos, but looking forward to learning more if I can line up the hardware.) I hope people who are new to these systems won't be unduly put off - you need to pay some attention to the concurrency issues, but this is not outside the reach of people with normal intelligence. (And according to the interview here, you can serialize Atheos GUI threads with a locking gimmick, if concurrency isn't your bag.) Lately I have been fooling around with language level support for asynchronous programming. Nothing much to report yet, but the place to look for this kind of thing seems to be "functional" languages like Haskell (e.g., O'Haskell's "reactive object" feature, also see Erlang, etc.) It would be interesting to integrate something like that with Atheos' API, for a more elegant way to tackle asynchrony than the usual C++ misery.