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Debian and its clones "This is a critical review of Debian 3.0, but I want to say right from the start that I'm not trying to bait anyone. However I feel that reviewers often root for Debian as the open-source underdog, and give it marks which it doesn't deserve. If RedHat 8.0 came out with installation software like Debian 3.0 it would be savaged. I think it's time for an honest review, to spur the Debian developers into making the best possible distribution. I really want Debian to succeed. I want to use it daily, and recommend it to my friends. But I can't do that right now and I think it's important people understand why." Read the review and its (already long) discussion at DebianPlanet.
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So tired of this...
by stingx on Mon 21st Oct 2002 01:00 UTC

Here's my take on Debian...I've been an HP-UX / Sun admin for quite a few years. I personally use RedHat at home - my preference since i switch to it back around 4.X. I have tried just about every *nix under the sun so I donut think I spew from my ass when I say that Debian zealots seem to be those that picked up the battle cry that used to be shouted by the Slackware crowd. They seem to want their distro to be unnecessarily difficult because "real men" donut need GUIs or "sell out". The only thing Debian used to have over RPM based distros was APT and DEB, .deb packaging has it shortcomings as RPM does. What does Debian bring to the table that the other Linux flavors don't...nothing. In fact the others have made way further advances and even have realized the need to stay current with updates and to simplify administration. I don't want this to be a distro bash, in my honest opinion i wouldn't trade in HP-UX to run ANY of the Linux distros at the moment because in my shop they just cannot scale to my needs. I just want o pass along my expericences that I have observed from LUGs and other places where such things are discussed. I constantly hear "RPM sucks, RedHat sucks, Mandrake sucks and Debian so ROCKS" all because of either a) apt-get or b) because it isn't commercial. Use a particular distro because it fits YOUR needs, don't use one because it's "cooler" or "less gay" than other. That column was excellent, btw. You do a great service here, Eugenia. Keep it up.