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Debian and its clones "This is a critical review of Debian 3.0, but I want to say right from the start that I'm not trying to bait anyone. However I feel that reviewers often root for Debian as the open-source underdog, and give it marks which it doesn't deserve. If RedHat 8.0 came out with installation software like Debian 3.0 it would be savaged. I think it's time for an honest review, to spur the Debian developers into making the best possible distribution. I really want Debian to succeed. I want to use it daily, and recommend it to my friends. But I can't do that right now and I think it's important people understand why." Read the review and its (already long) discussion at DebianPlanet.
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Re: Elitism?
by ealm on Mon 21st Oct 2002 20:20 UTC

I have to wonder aloud: Just say it, is Debian for any Linux user...

No, it's not

...or for the few who can solve its enigmatic installation...

I happen to like Debians installation since it's so straight forward and fast.

...only to face days of downloads and configuration?

Days of download?
Sure - if you do a ftp install over 56k modem. That's the case with any dist, only in a typical redhat/suse/mandrake installation you need to download tons of more crap to get it up with their tools and custom desktops.
Days of configuration?
Well... problem for me with all these nifty setup tools found in other dists is that they never get their things set up exactly the way I want it, so I still end up doing all the config manually, just messing things up...
The "native" way to set up different apps and libs usually is the best. For us who wants it like this we have debian.
It seems really stupid for me to start making our own dist in a way we don't want it only because some people who can't handle things our way want us to develop for them rather than for ourselves.

Debian's methods are ancient, and quite frankly, self-defeating.

That's my point. I don't find Debian ancient. You do. Debian isn't what you want. So just don't use it!