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Debian and its clones After reading many of the posts regarding the recent OSNews story, "An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0", I thought this article may be useful to those who would like to try Debian, but are a little intimidated by its installer. Several of the posts to the above mentioned story indicated that Debian's installer was a huge hurtle for many people, who would otherwise like to try it. I have found Debian to be the most useful flavor of Linux, so I wanted to write an easy, though somewhat long, walkthrough in the hopes of allowing a wider audience to experience first hand this stable and unique Linux distribution.
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My experiences with Debian
by Kasper on Sun 27th Oct 2002 20:47 UTC

I've tried to install Debian twice on this machine (A pretty standard Dell with pretty standard hardware. Other distros have worked fine on it, so the reason it didn't work out is definately not that Linux doesn't support my hardware).

The first time, I went to the trouble of downloading all eight (sic!) CDs of Woody back when 2.2 was the stable release. It did install nicely, but I never got X to work - or the mouse for that matter. Which is pretty weird considering how it is a pretty standard PS/2 mouse and a TNT2 graphics card...

The second time around, I used the final release of Woody, this time only with the first CD, and when I tried to run pppoeconf to set up my ADSL connection, I got a kernel panic. Could have been a fluke, I thought, so I rebooted and tried again. Well, it didn't kernel panic - it just spontaneously rebooted...

I would *LOVE* to run Debian, as I am SICK TO HELL of downloading 3 or more ISOs every 6 months (Mandrake) and thus destroying all the preferences, that I have setup, but that installer is pure HELL! I know that it probably *is* me who has done something wrong, but it sure isn't easy to see what.

Now, for the good news: I've also tried to install it on an old 266MHz P2 - worked like a charm... Goes to show how much luck is involved, I guess...