Linked by Clinton De Young on Sun 27th Oct 2002 18:15 UTC
Debian and its clones After reading many of the posts regarding the recent OSNews story, "An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0", I thought this article may be useful to those who would like to try Debian, but are a little intimidated by its installer. Several of the posts to the above mentioned story indicated that Debian's installer was a huge hurtle for many people, who would otherwise like to try it. I have found Debian to be the most useful flavor of Linux, so I wanted to write an easy, though somewhat long, walkthrough in the hopes of allowing a wider audience to experience first hand this stable and unique Linux distribution.
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Thanks to Eugenia
by Clinton De Young on Tue 29th Oct 2002 00:19 UTC

I finally finished a very busy day at work. I apologize for the lateness of this post (although I have already thanked her privately).

I would like to publicly express my gratitude to Eugenia for all of her efforts in making OSNews a site worth visiting. I would also like to thank her for her efforts in formatting my article; making it very accessible and easy to understand.