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Debian and its clones After reading many of the posts regarding the recent OSNews story, "An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0", I thought this article may be useful to those who would like to try Debian, but are a little intimidated by its installer. Several of the posts to the above mentioned story indicated that Debian's installer was a huge hurtle for many people, who would otherwise like to try it. I have found Debian to be the most useful flavor of Linux, so I wanted to write an easy, though somewhat long, walkthrough in the hopes of allowing a wider audience to experience first hand this stable and unique Linux distribution.
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RE: Sam Varghese
by Clinton De Young on Tue 29th Oct 2002 06:29 UTC

It's difficult to understand why the writer insists on having people install stuff directly off the Net. That itself makes it an intimidating prospect from people who come from Mandrake and Dead Rat. Install off the CDs and then uupdate later off the Net. How much do things actually change in the stable branch of Debian?

Actually, the only things I installed off the net were X, Synaptic, WindowMaker and Mozilla. I did this to demonstrate apt and Synaptic. Also, security updates are posted on the web (albeit less frequently than the two distros you mentioned above) and not updated very often on CD.

Another reason for installing off the net is that you don't have to download over a gigabyte of stuff that you don't need if you download all the CDs. Just grab what you want via apt and be done with it.

I'm just curious, what is the difference if I download all the Debian CDs from the net and install them, or only download one CD from the net and use apt to get the other packages I want? It's all coming from the net either way, isn't it?

Of course you are free to install Debian any way you like. That is the cool thing about Debian. It is very flexible.

If you still have concerns, feel free to send me an email, I would be happy to discuss them with you.