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Debian and its clones After reading many of the posts regarding the recent OSNews story, "An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0", I thought this article may be useful to those who would like to try Debian, but are a little intimidated by its installer. Several of the posts to the above mentioned story indicated that Debian's installer was a huge hurtle for many people, who would otherwise like to try it. I have found Debian to be the most useful flavor of Linux, so I wanted to write an easy, though somewhat long, walkthrough in the hopes of allowing a wider audience to experience first hand this stable and unique Linux distribution.
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The difference is:
by Kasper on Tue 29th Oct 2002 15:15 UTC

That there are probably updated packages on the web, and there are a LOT of packages (even on CD1) that you don't want or need. Thus, installing a minimal system and then upgrading with apt-get will save you a lot of time. If you are installing on a network, then the obvious thing to do is to make a local apt repository on your NFS server, and upgrade the clients from that (again: to avoid unnecessary downloads). However, it *is* nice to have the CDs - if only just to brag about it. (The 266MHz P2 I installed Woody on was not (and still isn't) connected to the internet, so it made sense to download all of it back then).