Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 1st Nov 2002 06:41 UTC
Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla's HTML engine, named Gecko, has been powering a number of other browsers on many platforms for a while now, like Galeon, Chimera and more. Vote for your favorite one! Oh, and being on the subject, K-Meleon 0.7, Galeon 2-dev, Salamander 0.3 and Phoenix 0.4 are all very recently released.
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I am a Linux nutcase according to the other techs here at the consulting firm I work for. I am always trying to convince them to try another browser whenever they have problems with IE, popups, etc. but they never seem to like the alternatives. When one of the techs was having a problem with IE I installed the Phoenix Xft build from for him and now everyone in the office is hooked on it. When this matures a little more I think it will be a browser of choice for most Linux users, and a potential IE killer on the Win32 platform.