Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 1st Nov 2002 06:41 UTC
Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla's HTML engine, named Gecko, has been powering a number of other browsers on many platforms for a while now, like Galeon, Chimera and more. Vote for your favorite one! Oh, and being on the subject, K-Meleon 0.7, Galeon 2-dev, Salamander 0.3 and Phoenix 0.4 are all very recently released.
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re: Ugh, Chimera
by Boris Zbarsky on Fri 1st Nov 2002 18:29 UTC

> 1) OmniWeb isn't standards compliant!

Bingo. Worse yet, there is little progress and little hope there (even less than Windows IE, which is saying a good deal). This would not normally be a problem except that as the web moves away from browser-specific hacks to CSS and as OmniWeb CSS support falls further and further behind web sites will look more and more the same in Lynx and OmniWeb. Which is a personal decision, of course; some would view this as a bonus to OmniWeb.