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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla's HTML engine, named Gecko, has been powering a number of other browsers on many platforms for a while now, like Galeon, Chimera and more. Vote for your favorite one! Oh, and being on the subject, K-Meleon 0.7, Galeon 2-dev, Salamander 0.3 and Phoenix 0.4 are all very recently released.
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Mozilla vs Phoenix
by wowtip on Sat 2nd Nov 2002 01:53 UTC

The button I'm using (to try to start Mozilla) is the actually executing (according to properties) htmlview %u. Mozilla opens normally if Phoenix is not running. Frankly this is quite annoying. How/Why is this happening?

My best guess is that htmlview is some kind of standard app (MIME type?) for opening html. I guess Mozilla and phoenix shares the same "namespace" when running, which makes your OS go: "Hey! Mozilla (which in your case is Phoenix) is allready running, I'll just open a new window!".

Try changing "htmlview %u" to "mozilla" the path to your Mozilla bin. It might even work. ;)


bash> updatedb
bash> locate mozilla