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General Development Forth has been a recognized programming language since the 1970's. ColorForth is a redesign of this classic language for the 21st century. It also draws upon a 20-year evolution of minimal instruction-set microprocessors. Now implemented on modern PCs, it runs stand-alone without an operating system. Applications are recompiled from source with a simple optimizing compiler.
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To both of you
by Eugenia on Tue 12th Nov 2002 21:07 UTC

Why not? Developers are always like to experiment and do things and discover new things or train themselves in such low level coding. This is obviously of developer interest, and not of a user interest. If you are not a developer, better not reply at all at this story, as this is not intended for plain users who "don't get it".
As you might have seen, 68% of the OSNews readers are C/C++ and other advanced-language developers who might find this of interest.