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General Development Forth has been a recognized programming language since the 1970's. ColorForth is a redesign of this classic language for the 21st century. It also draws upon a 20-year evolution of minimal instruction-set microprocessors. Now implemented on modern PCs, it runs stand-alone without an operating system. Applications are recompiled from source with a simple optimizing compiler.
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the best forth ide ever
by djamé on Wed 13th Nov 2002 13:16 UTC

You should try BigForth

it runs under linux, windows and I remenber an old version was running under Atari's OS (GEM, Mint and so on)

have a look to the OpenGL dragon Demo, it's really impressive, especially if you have GL hardware compliant.
By the way, I tried to learn forth and it's not so hard once you understand that every diacritics caracteres is a WORD in forth.

For those who were wondering a lot of arcade games were developped in Forth (all from Atari such as gauntlet for instance, the same from sega) and I've been told forth was the primary langage for the 3D0 system.

Have fun.


ps : there's a good link about a french crew who is building a fonctional 16/32 bit system based on forth ( I think)