Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 1st Sep 2001 18:47 UTC
QNX The QNX RtP 6.1.0 microkernel (which also runs on PCs) and its Photon micro GUI have been ported to the Compaq PDA solution, the iPaq. The screenshots look very attractive indeed, we just hope that the QNX team add some more software in it, like a Calendar, Contacts or a Todo list which are undoubtly, very useful applications for a PDA.
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Please release this!
by Alexander on Sat 1st Sep 2001 23:35 UTC

If anyone from QSSL is reading, you must release this! I am in the amrket for a handheld/PDA & I like the iPAQ hardware. No wince for me, though, & I'd MUCH prefer QNX to linux on an iPAq even if it was 10x uglier. Luckily it's not, instead being 10x better looking. When I first saw this on /., I ws expecting QNX RtP desktop on the iPAQ -- resizable, overlapping windows & everything. But no, they actually made it nice. (I though it'ld be somehting like this: <> -- Inferno [baby Plan 9] on the iPAQ.) A