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General Development Forth has been a recognized programming language since the 1970's. ColorForth is a redesign of this classic language for the 21st century. It also draws upon a 20-year evolution of minimal instruction-set microprocessors. Now implemented on modern PCs, it runs stand-alone without an operating system. Applications are recompiled from source with a simple optimizing compiler.
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Even more info, please...
by datako on Thu 14th Nov 2002 02:00 UTC

Thanks for all the links. (I know all one has to do is search, but links that come with a recommendation helps cut the excessive amount of reading one would otherwise have to do).

Let's assume basic requirements of correspondence (printed & email), calculation (spreadsheet), and data collecting (database)

Is there an example where Forth has been used to create a functionning desktop?

I'm keen to go Forth and multiply... ;)