Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 19th Nov 2002 09:24 UTC
Oracle and SUN This past year has been a breakthrough for Sun for both their Linux and Solaris products. The most intriguing news of all is possibly the challenge Sun poses to Microsoft with their Desktop Initiative announced a couple of months ago. We spoke to Bill Moffitt, Product Line Manager of the Solaris Lifecycle, about Linux, the desktop and Solaris. Update: Bill Moffitt replies on our forums.
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My opinion about SUN
by Bernhard Sumner on Tue 19th Nov 2002 11:14 UTC

It's so sad that SUN Microsystems went the way of replacing CDE with GNOME. I was playing with GNOME 2.2 (the CVS) version some days ago and must say that I can't belive why they really want to use that stuff. I know CVS is still not finished but it doesn't look much differently than the 2.0 release. It's quite non-productive for me and my little company. I may understand that GNOME may be interesting for little kids that play at home with their style and eye-candy tricks on GNOME but here in my company I have to deal with serious customer informations and material. Well we will wait and see what happens with GNOME and SUN and if it doesn't go better then we may switch from Solaris/CDE (GNOME) to WindowsXP or maybe KDE after we made a clear test with the components.