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Oracle and SUN This past year has been a breakthrough for Sun for both their Linux and Solaris products. The most intriguing news of all is possibly the challenge Sun poses to Microsoft with their Desktop Initiative announced a couple of months ago. We spoke to Bill Moffitt, Product Line Manager of the Solaris Lifecycle, about Linux, the desktop and Solaris. Update: Bill Moffitt replies on our forums.
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@Matthew Gardiner
by Bernard Sumner on Tue 19th Nov 2002 15:06 UTC

It has been prooven by many people what disadvantages were in GNOME go and read it all over the places. What do you want me to show you now ? We both have different opinions of what GNOME is what lacks, what is required and what not. At the final end you are trying to convince me why I should like GNOME. I don't - END.

And I told you once again that you should stop making assumptions that I don't know nothing about GNOME. I told you once that I know if perfectly enough from the point of programming and from the point of using it. So stop that once and forever.