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Oracle and SUN This past year has been a breakthrough for Sun for both their Linux and Solaris products. The most intriguing news of all is possibly the challenge Sun poses to Microsoft with their Desktop Initiative announced a couple of months ago. We spoke to Bill Moffitt, Product Line Manager of the Solaris Lifecycle, about Linux, the desktop and Solaris. Update: Bill Moffitt replies on our forums.
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re:Red Pill
by No Pill on Wed 20th Nov 2002 11:28 UTC

SUN blah, blah evil blah, blah, it just like MS blah, blah.

Maybe in your shrill little world you have not noticed that there have been many conversions from solaris to linux in many varied companies. You can draw many conclusions from this but one thing that is an UNDENIABLE FACT is that solaris has to be a very open system for this to happen so easily. You go on and on about how rapacious and subversive SUN is, why don't you tell us if SUN has any closed formats, protocols, API's etc.?

Gee, you mean there aren't any? Whether you like SUN's corporate aggressiveness is irrelevant, they have and still continue to support open protocols and have contributed to linux such things as NFS, YP/NIS, OO and many others. Unlike you favourite MS which neither supports open protocols, file formats or API's and has contributed nothing to free software.

Yes you don't fool me with your supposed pro-linux stance. MS has done a lot of astroturfing against SUN and no doubt some pro-linux anti-SUN bashers are just that, MS astroturfers. So come back when you have evidence of SUN's duplicity and not some shrill accusations.