Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 1st Sep 2001 18:47 UTC
QNX The QNX RtP 6.1.0 microkernel (which also runs on PCs) and its Photon micro GUI have been ported to the Compaq PDA solution, the iPaq. The screenshots look very attractive indeed, we just hope that the QNX team add some more software in it, like a Calendar, Contacts or a Todo list which are undoubtly, very useful applications for a PDA.
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by samab on Sun 2nd Sep 2001 21:19 UTC

QNX is much more "well thought out" than BeOS/BeIA. When people complain about QNX --- most of the complaints fall into (as borrowed from microsoft's terminology) the "this behaviour is by design" category. There is a reason why QNX's filesystem is so slow --- it's deterministic in design and governed by realtime rules. There is a reason why QNX boot slower than BeOS --- your motherboard's bios is actually slowing down QNX (you can create QNX systems without motherboard bios thus lowering your manufacturing cost by a dollar or so). There is a reason why QNX doesn't play media files as smoothly as BeOS --- media players are designed to be given a lower CPU priority because QNX runs on nuclear power stations. While there are many more BeOS sharewares available than QNX, there are a lot more commercial applications (Citrix, DB2 Everywhere, Opera 5.2) for QNX. For example, there are quite a few voice recognition softwares available for QNX (for the QNX/IBM/Motorola MobileGT platform in driver information systems). They just cost a lot more than most of us can afford.