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Oracle and SUN This past year has been a breakthrough for Sun for both their Linux and Solaris products. The most intriguing news of all is possibly the challenge Sun poses to Microsoft with their Desktop Initiative announced a couple of months ago. We spoke to Bill Moffitt, Product Line Manager of the Solaris Lifecycle, about Linux, the desktop and Solaris. Update: Bill Moffitt replies on our forums.
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re: Red Pill
by No Pill on Thu 21st Nov 2002 15:54 UTC

Red Pill you know why Java has not been submitted to a standards body, it involves a court case with a certain company from Redmond and its stacking of the supposedly open standards body. To say otherwise is just trolling.

You go on and on about Dell. Fine buy and use Dell if you don't like SUN's deal, chose someone else. What is wrong with having choices? Can't you live with the fact that some people chose to buy and use things different from you? Or would you rather there was only one hardware supplier that being Dell. Oh and I do mean supplier and not manufacturer, Dell is famous for its cpu and hardware design. Oh wait, Dell doesn't design anything. I guess you just want everyone to use intel from Dell with linux and KDE. No doubt you can post your themes and colour scheme choices and we can all copy and use them too.

Red Pill, SUN are a company that are out to make a profit like Dell. They have provided code to linux and Dell has NOT. SUN don't support all the choices you would make so buy Dell. Learn to live with diversity and accept that other people will make different choices.

PS I'm happy with GNOME and so are many other's I know. I hope you lose some sleep knowing that my computer is configured differently from you.