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Oracle and SUN This past year has been a breakthrough for Sun for both their Linux and Solaris products. The most intriguing news of all is possibly the challenge Sun poses to Microsoft with their Desktop Initiative announced a couple of months ago. We spoke to Bill Moffitt, Product Line Manager of the Solaris Lifecycle, about Linux, the desktop and Solaris. Update: Bill Moffitt replies on our forums.
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Bill Moffit, The Gentleman Returns
by Red Pill on Fri 22nd Nov 2002 09:27 UTC

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your last response. I believe it is well balanced and fair. It acknowledges that sometimes things don't go as planned.

I believe Java would prosper if it were opened up to more players. Much of Java got thrown together very fast during the dot com days and a thorough housecleaning would help the language last into the future. Sometimes it is the new players that are most enthused to do the cleanup.

Also if Java were an open standard, there might be cheaper ways for companies to get Java logo validation. Right now I believe the tests are all closed-source and unavailable without paying a large fee. There was some discussion on this recently, so I might be mistaken. The goal is to make Java better, not to hurt Sun.

For the future, I hope that Sun finds a way to make their machines more affordable. There will be hordes of cheap AMD 64 bit machines as well as Intel's low-end Itanium processors. If Solaris does not run on these boxes, is not the best choice for these boxes, Sun will continue to lose unit share.

As you well know, the industry is changing rapidly right now. One of the things that drives Linux is its availability on many platforms. It might be wise for Solaris to be available on more platforms if Sun is going to try and make Solaris into a revenue product.

Anyhow, just a few ideas. I really do wish you and Sun the best. Not at the expense of Linux who I view as the most capable competitor to Microsoft/Windows. The more that can be done to give Microsoft some real competition, the better. I hope Sun figures out how to win the war with Microsoft, not just win a battle or two.

- Red Pill