Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 1st Sep 2001 18:47 UTC
QNX The QNX RtP 6.1.0 microkernel (which also runs on PCs) and its Photon micro GUI have been ported to the Compaq PDA solution, the iPaq. The screenshots look very attractive indeed, we just hope that the QNX team add some more software in it, like a Calendar, Contacts or a Todo list which are undoubtly, very useful applications for a PDA.
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by pk on Mon 3rd Sep 2001 22:22 UTC

Nice you mentioned this. I was the one who started this thread ;) There you can read all my complaints about this system and the comments by a QSSL employee. I still think, QNX is a great design. It just involves too many tradeoffs, in my opinion. And it just doesn't (yet) meet the requirements for desktop use. Peter samab: QNX is available for free download since Sep 2000. Almost a year. Abba: The VM is a dirty hack, because you can not just allocate a 200MB big array if you have only 128MB of memory and a 128 MB swap file. You can do this on every other modern 32-bit OS but not QNX. On QNX you would have to do dirty things like in the very old DOS days to get some advance out of the swap space. This is 128 MB wasted diskspace since almost no program uses these special techniques. This *is* dirty.