Linked by Jon "TrekBoy" on Sun 1st Dec 2002 01:07 UTC
Linux Coming from a background of using MS-DOS for about 4 or 5 years exclusively (MS-Dos 4.1 or something) Being new to Linux and *nix in general I thought that I would want to learn from the "ground up". I did not want the bloat of Redhat or Mandrake but wanted something simple where I could learn the "stuff" of the OS.
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by Ralph Thomas on Sun 1st Dec 2002 15:43 UTC

I went to a presentation at work (SGI) on Linux filesystems. At the time (this was a few months back now, so all could have changed) I think that on uniprocessor machines XFS was not the best performing filesystem, but by the time you got up to 64 processors XFS ruled the roost (especially as this kind of task [i.e.: big filesystem, lots of processors, perhaps big files] was what XFS was designed for).
XFS is still a very solid filesystem, and you're unlikely to get any problems with it (I use it on my laptop). In fact, the only time I have had trouble was with kernel 2.5, and it turned out to be the broken IDE driver that was in there at the time.


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