Linked by Jon "TrekBoy" on Sun 1st Dec 2002 01:07 UTC
Linux Coming from a background of using MS-DOS for about 4 or 5 years exclusively (MS-Dos 4.1 or something) Being new to Linux and *nix in general I thought that I would want to learn from the "ground up". I did not want the bloat of Redhat or Mandrake but wanted something simple where I could learn the "stuff" of the OS.
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by Peder on Mon 2nd Dec 2002 17:39 UTC

I use XFS almost everywhere. The only (?) drawbacks are that it's slow in removing files (a known "bug"), you can't have the lilo boot record on an XFS partition (it has to be in MBR [also known and documented]) and according to it's slower than Reiser with squid.
The upcoming Reiser4 is supposed to be even faster (fastest of them all according to Hans Reiser).

I tried IBM-JFS back in mid 2001 and encountered some errors that put me back, though I guess it's matured a lot since.

I often use ext3 for /boot (for no particular reason, on some boxes that's XFS as well) but somehow it feels like a toy-jfs.

XFS feels rock solid and has a history (from IRIX) that only JFS perhaps can rival.