Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 8th Dec 2002 06:18 UTC
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RE: TNT2, but just upgraded....
by Eugenia on Sun 8th Dec 2002 07:38 UTC

> WinXP too didn't seem too convinced my monitor could do 100Mhz

Go Properites/Settings/Advanced/Monitor and uncheck that "hide modes that this monitor cannot display" checkbox.

>I don't like the higher resolutions cause the text gets too small to read

I am certain that at 1280 or at least 1152x864 this 19" monitor can deliver good quality. ;)

The following is not a rule of thumb, but it is pretty true most of the time for middle-range to high-end monitors:
14" is good for 800x600
15" is good for 1024x768
17" is good for 1152x864 (or 1280x1024 if the monitor is really high-end)
19" is good for 1280x1024
21" is good for 1600x1200
If you have one of these monitor sizes, but your monitor does not support these resolutions on 85Hz (never aim at any lower), you might want to use the resolution for the previous size monitor.

Your A90f I am sure is great on at least 1152. ;)
BTW, if you have that TNT2 card that comes EMBEDDED in the motherboard, it is explaining why XP won't let you use more Hz. I used to have a TNT2-m64 on my previous job, and it couldn't do more than 1600x1200@75 Hz, EVEN if the monitor they gave me COULD DO IT at 85Hz!! I was pretty pissed off at them, because I asked them to buy me a good monitor and they did, and they f*cked it up on the machine! The graphics card they put in couldn't support the monitor on its full potential. The full version of nVidia TNT2 could do these refresh rates, but not the TNT2-m64 which was the cheap embedded solution they started selling 2 years ago.