Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 8th Dec 2002 06:18 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Saturday evening here, nothing more exciting to do... let's suggest some geek/tech gifts for you or your loved ones, for this Christmas.
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Not to really criticize or anything...
by Jason on Sun 8th Dec 2002 13:40 UTC

But my recommendation is to stay away from HP laptops for right now. My office bought 4 of those models and 2 of them have had bad LCD to Motherboard connectors, meaning that your screen would randomly just not work.

The Olympus camera is a very good camera, BTW, but for those who need something a bit smaller, your best alternative is the Canon Powershot S40 (same guts as the G2, but much smaller and lighter).

Also, the m105 is a stellar PDA. I've had one for a year and a half now, and never been let down. It's slightly underpowered, but it still runs everything I need perfectly. The screen is smaller than a standard Palm III, but that means that the text is sharper and looks better.