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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Saturday evening here, nothing more exciting to do... let's suggest some geek/tech gifts for you or your loved ones, for this Christmas.
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It's interesting...
by Anonymous on Mon 9th Dec 2002 16:11 UTC

I thought Greek church is also orthodox. As Russian is.
BTW. Christians are not the same all over the world, as you possibly used to think.
There are: a) Catolicists' (Rome) branch; b) various heretics (self announced as "protestants") separated from pt."a"; c) at least Russian et al. Slavyan othodox churches; d) old Russian separatists' orthodox church; e) various heretics of; f) Georgian church; g) Armenian church; h) Abissinian church.
Rome's heretic (orthodox churches' point of view) et al. celebrate X-mas on 25 Dec.
Russian orthodoxen (heretics of Rome's pt. of view) et al. celebrate on 7th Jan
Armenian church (one of two the oldest churches) -- possibly to be quite different -- on 6th Jan.
Abissinian church thinks Jesus is 4 (IIRC) years older than others think.
Atheists doubt if Jesus ever lived on Earth. Some of them know proofs. Some know proofs and critics of ones. Some are not interested in all this at all.
Just for your interest. ;)
But I always thought Greek church is orthodox. It followed Visantian, as Russian did. Only after Turkish conquers Moscow became "third Rome, and fourth won't be." (EOQuote)
I congratulate all of you with first FreeBSD 5.0RC1, and hope someone _do_ something to get out of all this Unix+Windows Hell.
Plant and grow your own Forth! (Really geek motto, isn't it? ;)