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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Saturday evening here, nothing more exciting to do... let's suggest some geek/tech gifts for you or your loved ones, for this Christmas.
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Re: iPod
by rajan r on Mon 9th Dec 2002 17:02 UTC

Jay: Get a loved one an iPod - Mac or Windows!

Opps, suggesting people staying away from Zires make me forget about the iPod. Yes, I would highly recommend the iPod over the Jukebox. It is way more friendlier, have very good sound output and generally looks nice and is small and practically weighless.

Plus, just trying the iPod for Windows and MusicMatch at a Apple reseller about 2 weeks ago tells me anyone can use it, not only Mac users. Albeit I wish they choose WinAmp or Windows Media Player or better still RealOne, it is okay nontheless.

So for the first time in months, I have to agree with Jay. Bring out the bubbly.


a girl
it's that simple ;)

And what if the geek is gay? :-)

Jason: My office bought 4 of those models and 2 of them have had bad LCD to Motherboard connectors, meaning that your screen would randomly just not work.

My laptop had similar problems, but after sending it to HP (for 2 weeks, may I add), it never have that problem again.

If the government would repleal the DMCA I would be a very happy guy.

I thought the Congress gets a Christmas break? :-).

Except I disagree about the iBook. They are incredibley slow. The additional memory would help, but i'd much rather get a powerbook.

I don't notice much performance difference in the old iBook and the old TiBook (not the upgraded ones, haven't tried them yet, sorry). Unless you are using Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, you won't really see a huge performance difference. And you wouldn't notice any difference if you are using Mac OS 9 (which I would use if I get a Mac).

~Seedy~: Having just briefly borrowed one belonging to a friend... BMW 5-series Saloon ( Sedan for American readers )

But then the Mercedes-Benz Roadster SLK, much better look, better driving experience.... Or the E-Class Saloon.

Anonymous: 1. We have no X-mas (atheists), but we have additional
day off.

Christianity is the most followed faith, followed by Islam. Christmas would be celerbrated all over the world, and the same with Eid-Ul-Fitr last weekend. Athiesm is a minority in this case. Plus, I know a lot of athiest who just celebrate Christmas for fun, not for religious sentimental reasons.

Anonymous: 2. Others (Russia) have X-mas on 7th Jan.

The Russian Orthodox Church is a shrinking church.

IMO CLinton was a much better leader. More charismatic, much more intelligent and he even looked better.

And completely unfaithful to his wife, and a big fat liar in this case.

Anon: b) various heretics (self announced as "protestants") separated from pt."a";

Strange wonder that the heretics is the only branch following truly to the Bible.

Anon: Atheists doubt if Jesus ever lived on Earth. Some of them know proofs.

Athiest doubt (or rather don't believe) that Jesus is God, because there is a lot of archeological findings to show that he exist so that's not in question.