Linked by Stan Brone on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 07:19 UTC
Linux Have you ever been in situations which made you think "I wish I had Linux running right now", or are you a person who just would like to try Linux quickly? Knoppix Linux might just be your thing!
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You so totally sold Knoppix short ...
by superdug on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 07:37 UTC

Here's a little better explanation ...

Have you ever been in situations which made you think "I wish I had a quick version of linux running on this machine right here that won't harm the computer or the contents of its harddrive, but still make a very useable system for me"?? or are you the type of person who wants to demostrate with examples the answer to the question all geeks get "What is linux" by throwing a CD in the computer and giving a hands on tutorial? Knoppiz Linux just might be your thing!

Knoppix is a CD-Rom based linux distribution with quite a few bells and whistles, based off of debian, and has bar-none the best hardware autodetect I have ever seen for any bootable system. Plus it comes with all the popular packages so you will be able to show everything off including but not limited to Wine and OpenOffice.

This Disk comes in mighty hand in computer labs of schools or libraries and definantelly comes in handy for a rescue disk seeing as root is disabled by default it's perfect for a questionably compromised system that needs to be analyzed and fixed. Also works wonders if you have a DeskStar harddrive that decided to die. This is the best solution for those of us that want to "take linux everywhere". Plus it's GPL, so you can give it to all your friends.