Linked by Stan Brone on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 07:19 UTC
Linux Have you ever been in situations which made you think "I wish I had Linux running right now", or are you a person who just would like to try Linux quickly? Knoppix Linux might just be your thing!
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by matt on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 09:30 UTC

knoppix is a wonderful thing. i once used it to rescue files from a friend's defunct windows installation. it supported an lpt zip drive out of the box and allowed her to transfer files with KDE drag-n-drop.

she didnt ask for a hdd install though ;)

PS: since when was linux "cool" enough to be used by a 15-year old? when i was 15 i just played arcade games. if someone sat me in front of unix i would have thought "boring!" and he's been doing it since he was 8?