Linked by Stan Brone on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 07:19 UTC
Linux Have you ever been in situations which made you think "I wish I had Linux running right now", or are you a person who just would like to try Linux quickly? Knoppix Linux might just be your thing!
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Good rough draft.
by Anonymous on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 17:12 UTC

That was a good rough draft. It would have gone over better if it had been spell checked, then proofread. Hopefully, the reactions the author has seen here has shown him that bad presentation can obscure what might have been good content.

Stan, if you're in highschool, you have at least one teacher who could have helped you by editing that review. Probably all of your teachers would have been happy to help that way, if you had asked politely. If your parents are able to read and write, they could have helped you to improve. ANY second set of eyes is valuable, for any author.

Now, about that content: A critic objected that knoppix couldn't run on older machines, and another replied that linux will run in 4MB of ram. Our author very nearly got it right: Knoppix needs (pasted from the Knoppix home page) `` ... 20 MB of RAM for text mode, at least 96 MB for graphics mode with KDE ... '' .

Yes, Linux will run, barely, in 4MB. I have an old machine on which I've made that happen. Knoppix uses a ram disk, and so it needs that 20MB minimum.