Linked by Stan Brone on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 07:19 UTC
Linux Have you ever been in situations which made you think "I wish I had Linux running right now", or are you a person who just would like to try Linux quickly? Knoppix Linux might just be your thing!
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A good attempt?
by cochese on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 17:44 UTC

Everyone is a reviewer these days. Also, it seems that everyone must spit out how many years of experience they have on a computer, as if it adds some sort of credibility. Well, my mom's been using a computer for 10 years - but she still has trouble with the "Connect to the Internet" wizard.

With a review, it's all about (relevant) content, my friends. Unfortunately, this article doesn't have it. Spelling mistakes abound, as well as copious! use! of! exclamation! marks! Yeah he's fifteen - but last I checked you got out of grammar school when you were thirteen.

I'm slowly losing faith in OSNews. It *used* to be interesting, now it's just becoming sloppy seconds for angry slashdot posters.