Linked by Stan Brone on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 07:19 UTC
Linux Have you ever been in situations which made you think "I wish I had Linux running right now", or are you a person who just would like to try Linux quickly? Knoppix Linux might just be your thing!
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by Phil Hall on Mon 23rd Dec 2002 19:40 UTC

486 processor
16MB RAM (128MB Reccomended for running in graphical mode)
Bootable CD-ROM drive
SVGA compatible graphics card
A PS/2, Serial or IMPS/2 compatible mouse

I tried Knoppix on 2 friend's computers; one running a 266 Mhz with 256 MB RAM, the other running a 300 Mhz with 128 MB RAM. Knoppix wouldn't boot up on either of them, although I had them both set to boot from the same CD-ROM I boot from. When running on my machine, it wouldn't pick up my soundcard, an Avance AC'97. Other than that, I like it. It's the best of the live CD's, and pretty fully-featured.

Leave the kid alone. So he's not experienced as everyone else. He's taken the time to write a subjective article. There are some elitist snobs in the Linux community; I see their posts every time I read responses to someone else's article on this site, including this article. Why don't some of you loud-mouths get off your butt and write an intelligent article yourself instead of just taking shots at someone who does?