Linked by David Adams on Tue 7th Jan 2003 18:05 UTC
Apple Steve Jobs just announced in his Macworld Keynote that Apple is releasing its own browser, called Safari. Its claim to fame is extremely fast performance on the Mac. The Mac platform has struggled from sluggish browser performance with IE (the old default browser). Update: According to Jobs, Safari is open source and based on khtml. It only runs on Mac OS X and will be available for download today.
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re: spider
by c on Tue 7th Jan 2003 21:39 UTC

OSX only runs on Mac hardware

Only recently was the iPod able to sync with Windows

For a *nix company one would think they'd support UNIX better, again with products like the iPod, drivers for their hardware, corporate network software and integration. OSX is an excellent system, but its far too expensive for most corporations to afford. I don't know all the details on their hardware support, but it is my impression that it is OSX or nothing.

I don't know. They're not all that proprietary I guess, but it doesn't change the fact that you must have Apple hardware and software to make use of it. What would people say if Microsoft stopped selling Windows XP unless you bought it on their Xbox PC or whatever. That's what I mean by proprietary.

Apple basicly uses PC hardware. I see no reason for them to horde the OS or the hardware like they do. Open it up, it'll stick around.