Linked by David Adams on Tue 7th Jan 2003 18:05 UTC
Apple Steve Jobs just announced in his Macworld Keynote that Apple is releasing its own browser, called Safari. Its claim to fame is extremely fast performance on the Mac. The Mac platform has struggled from sluggish browser performance with IE (the old default browser). Update: According to Jobs, Safari is open source and based on khtml. It only runs on Mac OS X and will be available for download today.
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Indicator in the address bar?
by spider on Wed 8th Jan 2003 02:22 UTC

My browser has had that for what, 4+ years?

Share with us what browser that is, my company's been testing our hosted products on over 15 browsers over the past three years and I've never seen a browser with this feature. So pony up, which browser had this before Apple?

I have something else to add, I just saw TechTV's coverage on TechLive about MacWorld and they had a little poll asking what people thought of MacWorld and the choices were "Proud", "Dissappointed", "Who cares, I'm a Windows user" and the results were as follows;

52% Proud
5% Dissappointed
46% Don't care - windows users.

On another topic entirely:

I really have to ask, if only, what, 3% of the market is Mac users, how did 52% of those responding to the poll say they were 'Proud' to be MacHeads. I dunno. Then I got to thinking. All the normal stats on Market share is based on what else, but Sales right? Then I thought about the company I'm employed at, and all the companies that my company deals with. I've been through many a server room in the past two years and I've noticed that, yes, most computers are non-Apple. Not Windows either (Linux/FreeBSD mostly) but still non-Apple. And it dawned on me that those server rooms really skew the stats because while the server room are chock full of PC's there is only a few USERS of those computers, mainly the admins. Most of em are servers. I've seen many multimedia companies who have over 50 boxen running Linux as their servers yet there production team works on about 10 Macs, the office is MOSTLY Macs save the Linux servers. So what does this all mean? While I don't know how much the 'Official' market share would change but I would venture to guess that there are more than a mere 3-5% of ACTUALLY PEOPLE USING Macs than what the market share dictates. How many of these Gateways and Dell's are being shoved into server rooms and never touched by a REAL USER (clients to the server are not REAL PEOPLE users, they are dumb-terminals).

I Dunno, maybe Macheads simply like to respond to polls but really, how can over 50% say they were 'Proud' ? ? ?