Linked by David Adams on Tue 7th Jan 2003 18:05 UTC
Apple Steve Jobs just announced in his Macworld Keynote that Apple is releasing its own browser, called Safari. Its claim to fame is extremely fast performance on the Mac. The Mac platform has struggled from sluggish browser performance with IE (the old default browser). Update: According to Jobs, Safari is open source and based on khtml. It only runs on Mac OS X and will be available for download today.
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Re: Wayne - Confused PC user
by Chreo on Wed 8th Jan 2003 11:29 UTC

>> I bought a notebook with a 15' screen 1450x1050 almost a year ago for less than the 12' PowerBook and it have far more features and CPU speed than either of the new models. Almost a year ago... heh, time flies

>It had a slot-loading DVD burner in it? 802.11g? Bluetooth? An equivalent graphics card? Illuminated keyboard? Firewire 800? No?

>Oh, you meant, *roughly*, *kind of* equivalent, as most people do when comparing Yugos to BMWs or PCs to Macs.

No it doesn't have illuminated keyboard Question? is the signs on the keys illuminated also because just illuminating the edges of the keys is not helpful (missed that part of the presentation). No it doesn't have an DVD burner inside but then again so doesn't the 12" PowerBook in standard edition either. You have to pay extra for that and then the 12" PowerBook is way more expensive than my notebook. AND my notebook have a 15" screen which is worth way more than a superdrive. Why? Cos I can buy an external DVD burner but upgrading the screen is harder while still remaining mobile. An my notebook cost $1799 a year ago and you get an even more powerful solution today for the same money or the same config for far less.
FireWire 800? No that wasn't available a year ago... even on the PowerBooks then. Bluetooth was also not available builtin either on PowerBooks or PCs. I bought a USB-Bluetooth thingy instead which doesn't use any power unless plugged in. Not a big gripe.

Have you even looked at the placement of the keyboard on the PowerBook. You have to have your hands right up to the screen when typing and the keyboard size is smaller than on my notebook which I think is bad. The keyboards on notebooks are small the way they are anyway.

> >new airport faster speed.

> ever head of 802.11a? that's what some of us have been using for quite some time. same thing. "fantastic innit?!"

>You really have to read more. 802.11a is NOT compatible
>with 802.11b, which means that the speed is the same,
>but the usability -- and a laptop will be ported around
>to places where there are only 802.11b hubs -- is not
>nearly the same as Apple's move to 802.11g.
>(Not to mention, you could've gotten an 802.11a PC card
>for a Mac a long time ago, just as you did for your PC.)

I never said it was compatible. What I meant was that it has the same speed. And FYI my notebook is dually 802.11b AS WELL AS 802.11a. And what's the point with the builtin 802.11b if you're gonna put out extra for an PC Card to get 802.11a?