Linked by David Adams on Tue 7th Jan 2003 18:05 UTC
Apple Steve Jobs just announced in his Macworld Keynote that Apple is releasing its own browser, called Safari. Its claim to fame is extremely fast performance on the Mac. The Mac platform has struggled from sluggish browser performance with IE (the old default browser). Update: According to Jobs, Safari is open source and based on khtml. It only runs on Mac OS X and will be available for download today.
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My take on Safari
by rajan r on Wed 8th Jan 2003 17:29 UTC

Gawd, the metalic browsers. Isn't iLife enough? If I was to use the Mac, I would take that KHTML source and write my very own front end because as the most used app, I wouldn't want metallic browsers.

But I'm really interested in those PowerBooks...

appleforever: Apple is rocking again, and again, and again. By the way, the keynote:

Apple made a front end and improved KHTML, while made a presentation software. how hard is that>

appleforever: browser that has an awesome interface (except no tabs) and speed.

Awesome? Well, maybe for you. But I notice they don't have a benchmark against Opera itself..

appleforever: Also, a 17 incher. Firewire 2 on that one.

Yes, I can just count the amount of times I needed Firewire 2 and needed to buy a PMCIA card for my laptop... not.

appleforever: When will people just give up and give Apple's it's due.

When will Mac zealots just give up and give PC's it's due?

appleforever: Guess what, quality and innovation costs money.

Well, I would detest on quality. It is put together by the same people then put together PCs in Taiwan. But innovation - people don't want that, they want things that can improve their life.

Devon: KHTML based. You must be kidding Jobs.

What is soooo bad with KHTML?