Linked by David Adams on Tue 7th Jan 2003 18:05 UTC
Apple Steve Jobs just announced in his Macworld Keynote that Apple is releasing its own browser, called Safari. Its claim to fame is extremely fast performance on the Mac. The Mac platform has struggled from sluggish browser performance with IE (the old default browser). Update: According to Jobs, Safari is open source and based on khtml. It only runs on Mac OS X and will be available for download today.
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Well, I installed (or downloaded, since there is no installer - good play, Apple!) Safari and I like its speed. Granted, it fails to work on so many pages (yes I know about the Bug button, but when it cannot be reliably reproduced, and it's a hard crash, reporting things with that button doesn't offer much hope and is often not possible).

I still have to use IE. Slow and such, but it crashes far far less. Sad. I have yet to use a single piece of open source software that is both stable AND fast. It's usually one or the other or neither.