Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 16th Jan 2003 03:04 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces One of the most important visual parts of any operating system is of course, the fonts. Many times users on the net have argued about bad quality fonts used (installed by default) on alternative OSes. For the companies or individuals who would like to resolve such issues and create original and high quality fonts for their OSes (and not just for OSes), I would like to introduce them to FontLab 4.5.1.
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Re: font software
by Eugenia on Thu 16th Jan 2003 04:37 UTC

Maybe so. But this software is also immense. There is a whole lot of work in it, and obviously, not everyone needs it. Exactly because this software sells only to very specific people, means that the price has to go up in order to get the outcost its development and have a profit.

I remember a few Be engineers back in the day discussing that BeOS should cost $500 in order to make sure that there is profit there and a reason to continue working on it! Even if the price might sound outrageous, when you actually do the math, as to how much you need and how much you actually sell, it makes sense. This is one of the reasons why OS/2 was always a bit pricey...